Donkervoort D8 1.8 ZETEC for sale

For sale a lovely and well maintained D8 1.8 ZETEC with a rich history. For many the right Donkervoort acoustically, because the sound of a ZETEC engine is heaven for the true petrolhead. This car has a lovely color combination combined with the carbon parts. Timeless. Well maintained. It’s current owner is stepping up to a more exclusive Donkervoort, which is the only reason to sell this lovely piece of Dutch automotive engineering. There are several ZETEC’s on the market which have engine mapping problems. All resolved with this car. The engine has been completely overhauled by the best company on Dutch soil. Hassle free! This car has a lovely vibe, and is extremely attractively priced. Enormous value for money, and priced are expected to go up rapidly. 

Interested? Mail me for price and availability:

Technical specifications
Model D8 1.8 ZETEC
Body Combination aluminium/Carbon/Fiberglass
Engine FORD 1.8 ZETEC, completely overhauled at 60.000 km
Power 160 BHP, possible to upgrade to 180
Transmission Type-9, 5-speed manual reinforced
Differential Limited Slip Diff (LSD)
Brakes Sport
Suspension WP
Roll bar Silver, body color
Rims Black gloss, powder coated
Roof, doors and tonneau Black, Mercedes fabric
Headlights In body colour
Mirrors In body colour
Body color Silver metallic, metal flake
Seats 1  original, 1 Corbeau race seat, body colour
Upholstery Black leather
Seatbelts 5-point harnesses, Willans
Dashboard Carbon
Steering wheel Momo, black leather
Brake balance Yes
Built in 30-06-1997
Mileage 71.500 Km
Country of registration The Netherlands

Equipped with:

  • Normal roof
  • Wiebes light weight roof
  • Track timer and transponder
  • Fully overhauled engine, hassle free!
  • Donkervoort CUP anti-roll bar
  • Certificate of Authenticity