Donkervoort D8 210 for sale

It is not often that you come across this level of quality. A unique and fully original D8 210 wide track. The current owner only wants to sell the car to a person with the same hartbeat for the car. You have to match specic personal criteria. It has been maintained with the highest possible level of TLC you can think of. This is a car we would purchase ourselves. Higher top of the market price range. Not negotiable. Loads of extra’s and top notch parts included. Including the famous Wiebes roof. 

Interested? Mail me for price, availability and more detailed pictures:

Technical specifications
Model D8 210, wide track version
Body Combination aluminium/Carbon/Fiberglass
Engine Audi 1.8 Turbo Intercooler 20V E-gas
Power 210 BHP
Transmission T9 5-speed manual reinforced
Differential Limited Slip Diff (LSD)
Brakes Sport
Suspension WP
Roll bar Black, windstopper mounted
Rims Black, original Revolutions
Roof, doors and tonneau Black, Mercedes fabric
Headlights In body colour
Mirrors In body colour
Body color Lotus Spice Yellow metallic
Seats Black
Upholstery Black, like new interior!
Seatbelts 4-point harnesses, Luke
Dashboard Carbon
Steering wheel Black leather, Mountney
Brake balance No
Built in 18-05-2006
Mileage 39.000 km
Country of registration The Netherlands