D8 1.8 ZETEC for sale

For sale a lovely and well maintained D8 1.8 ZETEC. Lovely modern white color. Known full history. Fresh APK and maintenance.

Interested? Mail me for price and availability:  donkiespeed@donkiespeed.nl

Technical specifications
Model D8 1.8 ZETEC
Body Combination aluminium/Carbon/Fiberglass
Engine FORD 1.8 ZETEC
Power 160 BHP
Transmission Type-9, 5-speed manual reinforced
Differential Limited Slip Diff (LSD)
Brakes Sport
Suspension WP
Roll bar Chrome
Rims White gloss, powder coated polished
Roof, doors and tonneau Brown, Mercedes fabric
Headlights In body colour
Mirrors In body colour
Body color Old English Racing White
Seats Brown leather
Upholstery Brown
Seatbelts 4-point harnesses, Willans
Dashboard Leather
Steering wheel Mountney, black leather
Brake balance Yes
Built in 31-08-1997
Mileage 77.250Km
Country of registration The Netherlands