Unique Donkervoort D10 for sale, only 8 registered worldwide

A more than unique opportunity to purchase one of the most rare creations of Donkervoort and motoring history. A collector’s item. A D10. Exclusively offered by Donkiespeed. Build for the 10th anniversary of Donkervoort. Only 8 cars were sold as a D10. The two remaining chassis were sold as S8A(T). This car was originally red and was owned by a former classmate, so I know the car quite well. It’s current owner has a lack of time, so the car is on offer with lots of pain in the soul. The car has been maintained by the factory over the last years. Only maintenance and a small radiator repair. The car preferably needs to stay in The Netherlands. Export price is substantially higher. A once in a lifetime opportunity! Estimated values will go up over the next years. Donkiespeed will arrange the full sales proces for it’s current owner.

Interested? Mail me for price and availability:  donkiespeed@donkiespeed.nl

Technical specifications
Model D10
Body Combination aluminium/Fiberglass
Engine Ford 2.1, turbo charched
Power 190 BHP
Transmission T-9
Differential Limited Slip Diff (LSD)
Brakes Sport, disks front, drum brakes rear
Suspension Koni
Roll bar Chrome, low version
Rims Revolution, straight bore mounting nuts
Roof, doors and tonneau Fixed doors
Headlights In body colour
Mirrors D10
Body color Black, originally red. Now wrapped white
Seats Black leather
Upholstery None – D10 aluminium style
Seatbelts Standard
Dashboard Carbon
Steering wheel Mountney
Brake balance No
Built in 02-02-1990
Mileage ASAP (to be confirmed by the owner)
Country of registration The Netherlands