Every Donkervoort on offer by it’s respective owner is for the majority well known within the Dutch- and international Donkervoort community. Full history, positive and negative points are known within the club due to valuable mutual exchange of information. This eliminates potential risks and provides you with an absolute independent broad image about the current state of a car. Fully independent. This safeguards the best possible Donkervoort purchase for your money, including all ‘need to know’ information.

Absolute transparency is key! So if you are looking into:

  • Finding a new owner for your current Donkervoort (without advertising or bringing it into the open)
  • Buying your first Donkervoort
  • Want to step up to a more powerful Donkervoort
  • Independent valuation services

We are there to facilitate this for you on a independent basis purely build on passion for the Donkervoort brand. We keep a database with Donkervoorts which are unofficially for sale and potential Donkervoort enthousiasts. It’s all about trust and proactively linking the right people.

If you want to know more about this service, need our support or if you want to advertise your Donkervoort here? Just drop us an e-mail at: donkiespeed@donkiespeed.nl or WhatsApp us @ 0031630778741

There are several cars available in silent availability such as 2 x a stunning D8 270 RS. Mail us for more info.

Donkervoort D8 270RS 12/25 for sale

Unique opportunity to purchase a proper maintained and immaculate original D8 270RS. Interested? Mail me for price and availability:  donkiespeed@donkiespeed.nl   Technical specifications Model D8 270 RS 12/25 Body Combination aluminium/Carbon/Fiberglass Engine Audi 1.8 Turbo Intercooler 20V E-gas, including dry sump lubrication system! Power 270 BHP Transmission Borg Warner 5-speed manual reinforced Differential Limited Slip Diff […]

Donkervoort S8A long wing 1992 model for sale – immaculate condition!

Exclusively on Donkiespeed. A Donkervoort S8A long wing model for sale in more than immaculate condition. A car which I would purchase myself if I had space to store 3 Donkervoorts properly. This car has seen about 3 raindrops over it’s full lifespan. Full history known, and part of the offering. You buy directly from the […]

D8 1.8 ZETEC for sale

For sale a lovely and well maintained D8 1.8 ZETEC. Lovely modern white color. Known full history. Fresh APK and maintenance. Interested? Mail me for price and availability:  donkiespeed@donkiespeed.nl Technical specifications Model D8 1.8 ZETEC Body Combination aluminium/Carbon/Fiberglass Engine FORD 1.8 ZETEC Power 160 BHP Transmission Type-9, 5-speed manual reinforced Differential Limited Slip Diff (LSD) Brakes […]

Donkervoort D8 270 with 290 bhp for sale

Unique opportunity to purchase the first car produced with a D8 270 RS nose cone in the regular production after the RS series. It is equipped with all production updates. This car is in extremely good condition and is currently owned by a rather precise engineer. Collision free. Trouble free. Top condition. And a real joy in direct […]