Donkervoort brand history

Some of the fastest sports cars in the world, whether on road or track, are made by Donkervoort in the Netherlands. Joop Donkervoort began building Lotus Super Seven inspired cars in a shed in Tienhoven in 1978. Established as Donkervoort Automobielen B.V., the company shifted its premises to Loosdrecht several years later, before it’s last move […]

Donkervoort heritage

Dutch sales registrations can be found here Donkervoort S7 and S8 The S7 was the first Donkervoort to ever leave the factory. The car had a 1.6 litre Ford engine and a four-speed gearbox. The front wheel suspension consisted of Triumph parts, the rear axle stemmed from Ford. The S7 was simply sensational for the […]

Development of the GTO (1)

Audi’s magic five-cylinder TFSI engine History “There is no substitute for cubic inches” is a slogan often heard. Taking the trend of downsizing in mind, the engine upgrade in the D8 GTO from a 1.8-liter 20V to a 20V 2.5-litre five-cylinder seems like a remarkable step. But is it really? The first successful use of […]

Development of the GTO (2)

D8 GTO – The differences with the D8 It’s Monday, August 5th, 2013. We have an appointment with Denis Donkervoort himself. It is the start of a new working week, just after the delivery of the first six GTO’s. It has been a very hectic period. Denis makes a relaxed impression. “Do you want a […]

Development of the GTO (3)

Tech Tips

Part number engine mounts, all modelsThe required engine mount part number is: 60.060.001. Shore 60 M12. Replace every 6-8 years. Read moreCooling design fault 2.0 Ford Pinto enginesRecently an English friend with a lot of experience in racing with Ford (Pinto) engines visited my workshop. What I did not know is that there is a [...]

Donkervoort D8 1999 -2010 AGU and e-gas operating manual

We also have a full digital D8 manual available in Dutch. Mail us for a copy & cost.

What’s for sale?

Every Donkervoort on offer by it’s respective owner is for the majority well known within the Dutch- and international Donkervoort community. Full history, positive and negative points are known within the club due to valuable mutual exchange of information. This eliminates potential risks and provides you with an absolute independent broad image about the current […]

Donkervoort factory news

Donkervoort factory news