Audi 1.8T 20V – Checking compression

A compression tester will give you an idea of whether you cylinder is maintaining the necessary pressure or compression in order to operate properly. If you compression reading are below the Audi specifications then you will need to further troubleshoot using a leak down tester to discover if it is one of the following that […]

Audi 1.8 T 20V Lubrication system – exploded view of components

Lubrication system – exploded view of components – click image to enlarge – 1 – Oil pump With pressure relief valve (12 bar) Before installing, check that the two dowel sleeves → Item for centring oil pump/cylinder block are fitted. Renew if running surfaces and gears are scored Tightening torque for oil pump cover to […]

Headlamp replacement Donkervoort S8, S8AT, D10, ZETEC, D8

Donkervoorts are equipped with H-4 headlamp units which are no longer available. French manufacturer VALEO offers a replacement part, which is also equipped with a proper Silicone seal. It prevents corrosion inside the reflector (APK/ MOT issue). When remounting use Fluid Film for the metal inside the headlamp cover and mounting ring. A thin coat […]

Battery D8 ZETEC

I received many questions regarding the battery choice and required part number for the D8 ZETEC, which is mounted in a rather unusual place, directly in front of the timing belt and alternator drive belt. Please make sure battery terminal leads are not able to touch the alternator drive belt! On the road tip It might be useful to […]

Wheel bearing replacement – Front

Remove the cycle wing support struts. Prise the aluminium dust cap from the rear of the hub carrier (or upright), and unscrew the hub nut with a suitable high quality socket. Remove the splined washer, and tap the hub carrier from the axle hub. Recover the bearing inner race and rollers from the inner end of […]

Jack up points Donkervoort all models except GTO

If it is required to jack up your Donkervoort for service purposes, it is good to know what are the best jack up points. Keep away your jack from the red marked area’s! The aluminium parts covering the chassis can be easily damaged when the proper jack up points are not used. The aluminum sheets […]

Differential bracket modification D8

The differential mounting bracket copper welding of this D8 is broken, caused by the forces released during firm acceleration. This is a known problem and the Donkervoort factory has an official reinforcement modification available without recall. If you own a high powered D8 (Cosworth, AGU and E-gas 210, 235, 270), the advise is to check on a […]

Illuminated Rocker Switches replacement parts D8

I receive many questions regarding dash switches renewal and what type of rocker switches are used. The manufacturer is Trillogy. The current switches can be refurbished sometimes using plastic recovering fluid. When that does not help, you can replace the for brand new ones for around 15 Euro’s each. This will give your car a […]

How to wash your Donkervoort without swirls

There is only one method which saves your paint from swirls. Forget the two bucket method. It sucks! Here’s the trick. Park your Donkervoort out of direct sunlight. This prevents premature drying which can leave splotches on the paint. Set everything you will need near the Donkervoort. This includes cleaning material such as: Creamy soap and a dispenser […]

Timing belt replacement Audi 1.8 T20V

Required special tools OEM #Number Midlock aftermarket # nummer 3387 VW-1(Z-3576) T10008 VW-141 Required spare part numbers Replacement: every 5 years OEM # number Timing belt 06B 109 119 A Note: Some tuners offer special blue extra reinforced high power versions Tensioner 06B 109 243 F Timing belt guide 06B 109 244 Water pump (optional) […]