GTO rear view mirror replacement

My D8GTO rear view mirror has corrosion coming from the inside, causing irritating visability blind spots. Incredibly annoying. The OEM part number is from a Ford StreetKa. The Ford OEM #number is: 1644638 priced around 70 Euro’s and a second hand on EBay for around 20 Euro. I sprayed the back of the mirror in […]

D8 GTO fuel system

Fuel system The fuel system is demand-controlled on the high and low-pressure sides. On the low-pressure side, the engine control unit regulates the fuel pump control unit J538 and with it the delivery rate of the fuel pump in the fuel tank. On the high pressure side, the engine control unit regulates the fuel metering valve N290 directly at the […]

D8 GTO cooling system

Cooling system The cooling concept is based on longitudinal flow through cylinders 1 to 5. The coolant pump is driven by the auxiliary drive by means of a poly-vee belt and is designed to control the high thermal load on the turbo engine. To prevent the turbocharger from overheating when the engine stops, the cooling system is equipped with […]

D8 GTO oil pump

 Oil pump The chain-driven oil pump is a gear pump configured as a fixed displacement pump. It integrates the cold start valve and the control piston. The control piston opens at pressures of up to 3.7 (+0.7) bar. The cold start valve opens at pressures of up to 13 bar. Function of the pressure regulation system A bypass […]

D8 GTO oil circulation system

Oil supply Since high longitudinal and transverse acceleration forces are to be expected in a sports engine of this kind, the oil supply has to function reliably even in extreme conditions. For this reason, the engine has a relatively high oil capacity (initial fill: 7 litres). Secondly, the oil pump intake line is fitted in such a way as […]

D8 GTO oil change procedure

Required for a regular oil annual service: Engine oil, interval, specification & capacity can be found here 74mm 14 Flute Oil Filter Wrench Mann-Filter HU 719/6 X or BOSCH 1457 429 243 Metal-Free Oil Filter Audi Oil Filter Drain Tool for Canister Style Oil Filter Housings New engine oil drain plug           The 74mm […]

D8 GTO oil pressure check

Special tools and workshop equipment required:  Socket, 24 mm -T40363- (not illustrated) Oil pressure tester -V.A.G 1342, or equivalent aftermarket tool-     Checking oil pressure Procedure Oil level OK Engine oil temperature approx. 80 °C Remove oil pressure sender Removing Unplug electrical connector -1- Unscrew oil pressure sender -item 4- using socket, 24 mm -T40363- Screw […]

Wheel bearing replacement – Front

Remove the cycle wing support struts. Prise the aluminium dust cap from the rear of the hub carrier (or upright), and unscrew the hub nut with a suitable high quality socket. Remove the splined washer, and tap the hub carrier from the axle hub. Recover the bearing inner race and rollers from the inner end of […]

How to wash your Donkervoort without swirls

There is only one method which saves your paint from swirls. Forget the two bucket method. It sucks! Here’s the trick. Park your Donkervoort out of direct sunlight. This prevents premature drying which can leave splotches on the paint. Set everything you will need near the Donkervoort. This includes cleaning material such as: Creamy soap and a dispenser […]

Press studs repair

I receive frequent questions about repairs for the door-, hood- and tonneau cover pure copper based press studs. When they become a little bit ‘worn out’ or come loose, you can easily repair it yourself, with the aid of a simple hand tool or an equivalent and more expensive machine (snap setter).    The press […]