Press studs repair

I receive frequent questions about repairs for the door-, hood- and tonneau cover pure copper based press studs. When they become a little bit ‘worn out’ or come loose, you can easily repair it yourself, with the aid of a simple hand tool or an equivalent and more expensive machine (snap setter).

IMG_5630  1967-dc-93-Snap-Setter

The press studs as used by the Donkervoort factory, are from a Swiss based manufacturer called PRYM (do not use any Chinese imitation due to poor quality). The 15 mm studs are colour #390 200, Gun Black. It is the Heavy Duty version. You also need a mounting tool as mentioned in the pictures. When mounting it is useful to use a small piece of paper sheet between the tool and the stud to prevent scratches.

IMG_5631  IMG_5632

It can also be done using a PRYM kit as explained in the following video.