The new F22

Many people who know me a little ask me: “Have you already ordered that new Donkervoort instead of your current JD70”. To be short: No. Why?

It is the first Donkervoort that makes me extremely confused. The mind blowing impact the introduction of the white GTO-40 once had on me, was like being sucked out of me by instant vacuum. And what exactly is that?

Is the design too much over the top? Too much of a caricature? Too much nouveau riche? Side view and butt do get me, but the nose ‘en face’ pffff. . It’s no longer a Donkervoort for me. I shared my honest opinion with Denis Donkervoort after I received the preview price list. He appreciated my honest opinion.

Is it because 2 designers worked on it simultaneously? I strongly prefer Jordi Wiersma’s phenomenally good work. Is it sometimes because the Golden Ratio is missing? But that nose… The nose looks like the current Ford Transit has had cruel sex with a car I once loved so much.

And a famous design connoisseur from the automotive industry even emailed me:
“The interior. It lacks any ambience there. I understand the design philosophy, but two dastardly screens in a sea of nothing do not constitute a dash that feels special, comfortable and ‘rich’ enough in relation to the purchase price. A bit Tesla Model 3-like. The previous model did have that feel. An intriguing cockpit. Where only the pilot knows what all those exciting launch buttons are for. And the call in our industry recently is mostly about replacing the screens with buttons again.”

Every day I walk into the garage, my heart keeps making a small jump for the S8A. A real Donkervoort as it was once meant to be.

Over the years, the ‘industry’ has been full of design flaws. The Ford Scorpio, once the star on Red Noses Day, the Porsche 996 by Harm Lagaay. And the design direction to satisfy Chinese has produced only the caricature of the once great M3.

With a new pair of Carbon Donkervoort sunglasses model ‘Joop’ under my arm , I left the showroom. That design did appeal to me…

It also made me look at Aston Martin, Caterham, Morgan, Wiesmann and Lotus for the first time. Driven by sheer disappointment. And I even thought, “Let’s sell those Donkies”. Because, after all, real cars are real unfiltered emotion(s).

And then I think again; well this was Donkervoort ‘Project 500’ as these 75 cars were called internally. Plenty of opportunities for Project 600 again shall we say.

Tip: Ian Callum is available. Once signed the DB9; the only alternative Joop himself had at the top of his wish list… really everything is right about that car.

Donkervoort, By Ian. Where can I sign the purchase order?