Donkervoort S8 for sale

A lovely welcome to the world of Donkervoort. A unique opportunity to drive a beautiful and very well maintained S8. The classic among the Donkervoort. Who wants to take over from me after 11 years to preserve a piece of industrial heritage? The delightful sound of the open carburettors revives old times. Its optical condition, both inside and out, is simply stunning. Technically, the car is perfect. Get in and drive. The car has been properly maintained. The cycle wings are originally assembled ex works. So this car never had the long fenders. At the time, this was the top model in the range of the S8. The car is equipped with Toyo R888R tires and Hyperpro suspension / shock absorbers. This ensures an amazing road holding. From 2009 and onwards there is a complete logbook of all maintenance and km’s that have been made. A recent (2020) valuation report is available.

Technical specifications
Model S8 2.0
Body Combination aluminium/Carbon/Fiberglass
Engine FORD 2.0 Pinto with double Weber carbs
Power 150 BHP
Transmission Type-9, 5-speed manual
Differential Standard
Brakes Sport
Suspension HyperPro adjustable
Roll bar Standard Chrome
Rims Black, powder coated and polished
Roof, doors and tonneau Black including PW roof
Headlights Chrome/ Hella
Mirrors Standard
Body color Black
Seats Black leather
Upholstery Black
Seatbelts 4-point harnesses, OMP
Dashboard Leather
Steering wheel Black leather
Brake balance N.a.
Built in 1984
Mileage 128.000 Km
Country of registration The Netherlands