Part number engine mounts, all models

The required engine mount part number is: 60.060.001. Shore 60 M12. Replace every 6-8 years.

Cooling design fault 2.0 Ford Pinto engines

Recently an English friend with a lot of experience in racing with Ford (Pinto) engines visited my workshop. What I did not know is that there is a ‘design problem’ with the flow of coolant around the 4th cylinder of the engine. Consequence: loss of power and problems with head gaskets potentially popping out on […]

Timing belt replacement

Timing belts – what happens when they break? Your Donkervoort timing belt is a seemingly innocuous part thanks to its low value and apparently simple job within the engine. After all, all it has to do is go around and around. So why then, does it cost a small fortune when one breaks? What does […]

Fuel tank guage pick-up gasket replacement

Older Donkervoort models (S8, S8AT, D10, D8 ZETEC) are equipped with a fuel tank guage (JAEGER 337517 01 J8 12V) pick-up gasket, mounted vertical/ sideways (which is a bit silly) on one of the 2 petrol tanks. The OEM gasket is made out of cork (left image). Older Donkervoorts initially start to get ‘smelly’ in the […]

Dutch article about the X-core carbon production method

Donkervoort produces several carbon body parts with the aid of the in house developed X-core production method. Read all about it in an article published in a Dutch Automotive magazine for technicians (Dutch only). Click on the images to enlarge the text. Happy reading!              

Bonnet mounting tape

All Donkervoort models, except the GTO, have a 100% pure cotton back mounting tape to prevent the bonnet from sliding and protect your paint. I receive many questions what to use. The exact product which the Donkervoort factory is using since the early days of Donkervoort production, is race bycyle tape! Your local bicycle store […]

D8 GTO oil change procedure

Required for a regular oil annual service: Engine oil, interval, specification & capacity can be found here 74mm 14 Flute Oil Filter Wrench Mann-Filter HU 719/6 X or BOSCH 1457 429 243 Metal-Free Oil Filter Audi Oil Filter Drain Tool for Canister Style Oil Filter Housings New engine oil drain plug           The 74mm […]

D8 GTO oil pressure check

Special tools and workshop equipment required:  Socket, 24 mm -T40363- (not illustrated) Oil pressure tester -V.A.G 1342, or equivalent aftermarket tool-     Checking oil pressure Procedure Oil level OK Engine oil temperature approx. 80 °C Remove oil pressure sender Removing Unplug electrical connector -1- Unscrew oil pressure sender -item 4- using socket, 24 mm -T40363- Screw […]

Cooling system modification Audi AGU and E-gas 1.8T 20V engines

Every Donkervoort equipped with an Audi 1.8 T 20V engine has a cooling system connection, which statistically causes a faulty full drain of the cooling system. This of course always happens on a long enjoyable trip or on a beautiful evening spin. Make your car reliable with the following modification. Standard situation This standard reinforced plastic […]

Stone impact protection

The Donkervoort rear wheel covers are manufactured from polyester with a gel coat cover (GTO full carbon). Stones catched by the tyre profile are launched at high speed at the inside of your rear wheel covers. This in many cases pops of the gel coat resulting in annoying paint cracks. This can be repaired and […]

Timing belt replacement Ford 2.0 SOHC S8, S8A, S8AT, D10

Introduced by Ford in 1970, the Pinto was one of the first production engines to carry the cam on top of the head, driven by a toothed belt. There are two main versions – Cortina / RS2000 and Sierra. The latter was mostly unleaded. The Pinto was manufactured in Cologne. The engine is crossflow type with the carb […]

Castrol Racing 10W-60 yes or no for Audi 1.8T 20V engines?

I come across many 1.8T 20V engines (AGU and E-gas) with a lubricant advise sticker mounted on the left side of the pedal box, stating that Castrol Racing 10W-60 should be used. This engine oil was developed specifically for the BMW M-models. I know Donkervoort has used this engine oil during the 24 hrs. of […]

Headlamp replacement Donkervoort S8, S8AT, D10, ZETEC, D8

Donkervoorts are equipped with H-4 headlamp units which are no longer available. French manufacturer VALEO offers a replacement part, which is also equipped with a proper Silicone seal. It prevents corrosion inside the reflector (APK/ MOT issue). When remounting use Fluid Film for the metal inside the headlamp cover and mounting ring. A thin coat […]

Purchasing the perfect hoist for your Donkervoort

How to choose the right Donkervoort hoist for your home workshop / garage. What you need to know to get more from your investment. You’re probably aware of the massive difference a workshop hoist can make to your productivity. Hoists can not only improve your workshop’s speed, safety and efficiency, they can even provide extra car […]

Battery D8 ZETEC

I received many questions regarding the battery choice and required part number for the D8 ZETEC, which is mounted in a rather unusual place, directly in front of the timing belt and alternator drive belt. Please make sure battery terminal leads are not able to touch the alternator drive belt! On the road tip It might be useful to […]

Repairs of fibre glass and carbon body parts

Most of the repair jobs found on fiberglass Donkervoort parts are cosmetic in nature, for the majority found on rear end wheel covers and nose cones. Cracking or crazing of the gelcoat and scrapes account for much of the repair work. Permanent repairs to these types of damage can be made with Mr. ZAP 30 […]

Location chassis number all Donkervoort models

Over the last couple of months I received various e-mails and phone calls where the chassis (VIN -Vehicle Identification Number) number of a Donkervoort is located. The main reason for this is the regular MOT / APK check. Location: all Donkervoort models except GTO: rear end, right hand side, under the tonneau cover, directly under […]

Wheel bearing replacement – Front

Remove the cycle wing support struts. Prise the aluminium dust cap from the rear of the hub carrier (or upright), and unscrew the hub nut with a suitable high quality socket. Remove the splined washer, and tap the hub carrier from the axle hub. Recover the bearing inner race and rollers from the inner end of […]

Jack up points Donkervoort all models except GTO

If it is required to jack up your Donkervoort for service purposes, it is good to know what are the best jack up points. Keep away your jack from the red marked area’s! The aluminium parts covering the chassis can be easily damaged when the proper jack up points are not used. The aluminum sheets […]

Indicator switch problems

The classic Donkervoorts (until the D8 Audi models) are equipped with an indicator switch, where the indicator lever sometimes just pops out of it’s mounting point. This can be rather annoying. The switch itself is mounted directly behind the dashboard. It’s a switch from a Classic Mini Cooper manufactured by Lucas. The part number is Lucas […]

Cleaning your suede steering wheel

When driving your Donkervoort frequently without racing gloves, the suede Momo steering wheel is showing greasy stains caused by human moist and grease as always present on our hands. This can be easily removed keeping your steering wheel like new (unless you like the patina). Once a year is sufficient to keep it’s like new […]

Differential bracket modification D8

The differential mounting bracket copper welding of this D8 is broken, caused by the forces released during firm acceleration. This is a known problem and the Donkervoort factory has an official reinforcement modification available without recall. If you own a high powered D8 (Cosworth, AGU and E-gas 210, 235, 270), the advise is to check on a […]

How to stop brake noise

There are few things more embarrassing than that your Donkervoort squeals loudly every time you press the brake pedal. Passers-by stare at you, and in traffic it’s incredibly irritating. If your car is afflicted, here’s how to deal with it. Why do brake pads squeal? In one word ‘vibration’! As you press the brake pedal, […]

D8 Audi 1.8 T dry sump lubrication system explained

The Donkervoort D8 with 1.8 20V turbo engine (D8 AGU and D8-egas) dry sump lubrication system is the ultimate oiling system compared to the regular engine sump lubrication system. The simple fact that all Formula One, Indy cars, Le Mans and Sports Racing cars use dry sumps, proves this point. The first dry sump systems […]

Illuminated Rocker Switches replacement parts D8

I receive many questions regarding dash switches renewal and what type of rocker switches are used. The manufacturer is Trillogy. The current switches can be refurbished sometimes using plastic recovering fluid. When that does not help, you can replace the for brand new ones for around 15 Euro’s each. This will give your car a […]

Recommended Donkervoort lubricants

The recommended lubricant information is coming directly from the OEM recommandation sheets and service bulletins as supplied by both Ford and Audi and are kindly supplied to us by Olyslager Organisation. The number one service partner on data for all global oil manufacturers. Procedure for topping up D8 Audi AGU and E-Gas engines can be […]

Paint protection for your Donkervoort

Paint protection film, or “clear bra” as it is sometimes known, is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish on your Donkervoort. The virtually invisible film will keep your Donkervoort looking newer longer- without changing the design features or color- by protecting vulnerable areas such as nose cone, hoods, mirrors, cycle […]

How to wash your Donkervoort without swirls

There is only one method which saves your paint from swirls. Forget the two bucket method. It sucks! Here’s the trick. Park your Donkervoort out of direct sunlight. This prevents premature drying which can leave splotches on the paint. Set everything you will need near the Donkervoort. This includes cleaning material such as: Creamy soap and a dispenser […]

3 years of Gyeon Q2 Mohs quartz coating

When we bought our GTO the car was treated the car with quartz coating. The coating is now applied on the car and the rims 3 years ago. Time to share my opinion. It’s expensive, but proven to be worth every Euro. It has been 3 years just washing the car after every drive. Polishing or detailing […]

What’s App support

We received a lot of question’s via What’sApp lately. Easy to share images when support is needed. These questions could generate future content topics on the website. It is important to know your struggles, and help you out wherever we can with required information.  So if you add the following mobile number to your regular […]

Timing belt replacement Audi 1.8 T20V

Required special tools OEM #Number Midlock aftermarket # nummer 3387 VW-1(Z-3576) T10008 VW-141 Required spare part numbers Replacement: every 5 years OEM # number Timing belt 06B 109 119 A Note: Some tuners offer special blue extra reinforced high power versions Tensioner 06B 109 243 F Timing belt guide 06B 109 244 Water pump (optional) […]

Donkervoort tire information

Your tires are, next to your shock absorbers, one of the most important safety features of your Donkervoort. We frequently receive various questions on tires. Exposure to heat and the sun’s ultraviolet rays may cause structural changes to your tires. Although your tires may seem OK from the outside, the main issue on high performance cars such […]

Hearing damage driving your Donkervoort

Nothing beats taking your Donkervoort out for a spin on the first sunny day of the season. But the wind, the roaring of the engine and noise of other vehicles can put a damper on your drive, when you find yourself experiencing tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) or other symptoms of hearing damage. Invest […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Removing the bonnet

In order to remove the bonnet, the four clips on the outside of the vehicle must be loosened. Once this has been done, the entire bonnet can be removed. Lower the bonnet gently to the ground to avoid damage. Replacing the bonnet is done by performing the above actions in reverse order. Note: For your safety, […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Hood – Tonneau cover – doors

Attaching the hood to the vehicle All of the parts (the hood and the coupling set) can be stored in the area behind the seats, which can then be covered with the optional tonneau cover. This cover can be attached to the vehicle using the press-studs.     Once the protective cover has been removed, […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Brake bias

Brake bias If the vehicle is equipped with this system, the knob located underneath the dashboard (see photo) can be used to adjust the braking power between the front and rear wheels. This means that the brakes can be adjusted so that the vehicle will brake harder either on the front wheels or rear wheels. […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Adjusting the seats

   It is possible to adjust only the drivers seat. Under the seat in the middle, there is a handle. If this is pulled upwards, the stool can be adjusted backwards or forwards. It is not possible to adjust the back of the seat. When the car is equipped with an optional Corbeau FAI approved […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Steering column controls

Ignition switch     The ignition has three positions: Ignition/engine off. If the key is removed, the steering wheel can be locked in position. Ignition activated. The electrical functions in the vehicle will work. Engine started. Windscreen-wipers interval switch  The switch for the windscreen wipers is located on the right side of the steering column. The switch […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Fuel cap

Refueling The fuel cap is located on the rear right wing of the vehicle, and can be opened and locked using the key delivered for this purpose. Once the small flap has been opened, the fuel cap can be unlocked using the key. If the fuel cap is turned to the left, it can be […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Windscreen washers

Windscreen washers The tank for the windscreen washer fluid is located on the left hand side of the engine bay, see also the overview photo of the engine bay. Always used specialised fluid, diluted with water, to fill this tank. Under no circumstances should you use water alone, as use of water alone in the […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Battery

The battery is located in the rear of the vehicle on the left hand side. By removing the carpeting, you will have access to the battery. The connection on the positive pole is red and has a separate cover. The connection on the negative pole is black.     When working on the battery, the […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Adjusting vehicle height and suspension

Adjusting the vehicle’s ride height and suspension The vehicle is fitted as standard with the red Koni shock absorbers which can only be adjusted by the manufacturer (Koni).    If the car is fitted with an adjustable WP suspension (as on the images shown here), the following adjustment options are possible: Adjusting the ride height […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – towing

If the vehicle is not fitted with the optional tow-rings, then it is still possible to tow the vehicle by fastening a nylon tow-cable to the bottom triangle of the wheel suspension. Note: Never ever attach a tow-cable to any part of the steering mechanism.     If tow-rings are fitted (see photo’s: the upper and […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Measuring range on the oil gauge

Checking the oil level It is normal for the engine to use up oil. For this reason the oil level should be checked every time the vehicle is re-fuelled and before any long journeys. The vehicle should be parked on horizontal ground when you are checking the oil level. Once the engine has been switched […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – brake fluid

Operation – Brake system D8 1999 – 2010 (click image to enlarge) Brake fluid The tank for the brake fluid is located on the left hand side of the engine bay, see the overview of the engine bay.    The brake fluid level should always be between the min. and max. markings. A minor decrease […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – cooling system

Operation – Cooling system D8 1999 – 2010 (click image to enlarge) Cooling System The cooling system is filled as standard with a coolant which does not have to be replaced. This coolant consists of water and 40% anti-freeze (Audi G11V8B). This mixture offers not only sufficient protection against freezing, but also protects the lightweight […]

D8 Audi oil sump modification

The Audi D8 AGU and E-gas models (1999- 2010) without dry sump can suffer from ‘oil-shake’ during cornering, braking or hard acceleration. During this momentum, the oil intake from the oil sump into the oil pump can be pumping air without oil. This can potentially harm your engine when under load. BMW was the first […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – fuses

Operation – Overview of the fuses D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge) Fuses The separate switch-leg circuits are fitted with cut-out fuses for safety purposes. The fuses are located under the bonnet on the right hand side (see photo). In order to open the fuse-box, the two tags should be pressed inwards and the […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – keys and alarm system

Operation – Overview of the alarm system D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge) Keys The vehicle is delivered with the following standard keys: Two main keys, these both fit in the ignition. Fuel cap key, this is a key for opening and locking the fuel cap (early models). The number of the key is printed […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Heating

Operation – Overview of the heating & ventilation system D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge) Ventilation The vehicle is equipped with a ventilation system which has three levels: off, half-speed and full-speed. This ventilator is operated using the knob on the instrument panel and blows ventilated or heated air into the interior through the […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Emergency power switch (optional)

Operation – Overview of the Emergency power switch (optional) D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge)   An emergency power switch is located on the inside of the passengers foot area. This switch , when turned, interrupts the positive pole of the battery following which all electrical systems will be de-activated (except for the […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Dashboard

Operation – Overview of the drivers area D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge) Functions of the metres, from left to right (click image to enlarge). The recommended values under normal operating conditions are shown in brackets. Speedometer/Odometer/Trip recorder RPM indicator (maximum 6500 RPM, Cup Model maximum 7000 RPM) Turbo pressure meter (maximum 0,5 […]

Aviation headset for touring purposes

I am not a great fan of headsets, because it looks over the top and a bit silly in an open and sporty vehicle like the Donkervoort. On the other hand when driving with serious speed and touring with ear plugs in, you are not able to communicate with your driving partner in a normal […]

S8, S8A and S8AT brake light switch

Above mentioned Donkervoorts have a hydraulic operated brake light switch. The required part number is C16062A. Manufacturer is Lucas (Lucas invited the darkness). Part can be found on some UK manufacturers (Jaguar, Mini etc.). Price around 8 Euro. Many webshops for English car parts offer the part in their web shops.

Gear box protector modification GTO

Problem: potentially overheating GTO gearboxes. There is an official Donkervoort factory upgrade on the all aluminium GTO gear box protector cover. The T5 gearbox operating temperatures in some cases reach an unacceptable high temperature level, which could damage your gearbox and reduces the quality of the gearbox oil fairly quickly. Therefore the Donkervoort factory now […]

TSL Oil Fortifier

The Donkervoort factory uses TSL in engines and gearboxes. TSL is a pure liquid without solids such as PTFE (Teflon), MoS2 (molybdenum) or graphite, which can cake, clog and/or settle. TSL is fully absorbed by the oil and carried by the oil flow to the surfaces to be lubricated, where the electropolar molecules react under stress […]

Carbon parts refurbishing

Carbon Fiber components like the scuttle window frame or cycle wings oxidize if they don’t have an automotive clear coat sprayed on them after they are manufactured. If you’re seeing oxidation then that’s a very good sign that it does NOT have a clear coat on it, or that there is water / humidity residue between […]

Press studs repair

I receive frequent questions about repairs for the door-, hood- and tonneau cover pure copper based press studs. When they become a little bit ‘worn out’ or come loose, you can easily repair it yourself, with the aid of a simple hand tool or an equivalent and more expensive machine (snap setter).    The press […]

Modification camshaft lubrication Ford Engines

The Ford OEM camshaft lubrication feeder opening position is not set optimal. The oil is kicked away by the camshaft itself. Thefore a straight modified oil spray feeding tube can be made in an easy way. This will help to improve lubrication and reduces camshaft wear.   

Modification cooling system Ford engines

The Donkervoort cooling system on Ford engine equipped tends to cause overheating. This is the ultimate solution to re- arrange your cooling system piping to prevent this.    Next to the discussion and advise if you should utilize a brass or aluminium radiator, the cooling in itself of Ford equipped Donkervoorts can be easily modified. […]

Aluminium protection

A common misconception about aluminum is that it doesn’t need any protection from the elements. While aluminum may not rust, it certainly does corrode and pit. This corrosion and pitting weakens the integrity of the aluminum causing it to crack or potentially break.     An outside test conducted by Purdue University (U.S.) showed not only […]

Aluminum or copper-brass radiator for your Donkervoort?

Best design? What is a good radiator design. This is the starting point for any radiator, and it is important to understand the design elements that make a radiator perform well. The following items are important for a radiator’s ability to transfer heat from the coolant fluid to the air: Wide tubes in the radiator […]

MOTORCheckup engine test

Just as a doctor only requires a single tube of blood to carry out a health test, every MOTORcheckUP test only requires one drop of oil to find out if your Donkervoort Ford or Audi engine is still ‘healthy’. Turbo failure can also be diagnosed by using MOTORcheckUp. Regularly check your engine oil and fluids. […]

Adjustment rear brakes

The Donkervoort’s before the GTO all have Ford based rear brakes which require specific handling when replacing the Ferodo DS2500 or DS3000 brake pads. Here is a nice compact piece of info how to do this. It is best to buy the specific tool required and do not use a screwdriver or any other tool […]

Clutch pedal modification

Clutch pedal and clutch cable aligner Old Donkervoorts are for the majority equipped with a clutch pedal without the available modification as shown here with the red line. This causes clutch cables or clutch cable mounting bolts to break. The factory has a modification available as shown below. Make sure that a mounting bolt is […]

Setup Intrax Titan schock absorbers

Intrax 1K2 shock absorber The 1K2 is a real “high-end” shock absorber for demanding street- and competition use. The 1K2 is build using the finest materials. The housing is made from 7075 aluminum. This guarantees low weight, maximum strength and optimum cooling. NOTE: It is a perfect replacement for the original Koni and WP shock […]

Setup Intrax ARC schock absorbers

ARC (Anti Roll Control)® After years of development Intrax based in Volkel, The Netherlands, did it. They developed a unique way to drastically reduce unwanted roll (lateral and longitudinal). Your Donkervoort will have the comfort and all the other benefits of driving with “soft” springs like extra grip and traction, until you take a corne […]

Setup WP schock absorbers

The manual for the WP shocks The manual for the WP shocks with adjustable High and Low as mounted on the 270RS from 2007 / 2008 and onwards. Klick to enlarge! Springs to be mounted: front 130/130 with dry sump or 150/130 with regular engine sump. Rear 35/205 or 35/220. NOTE: With some of these […]

Part numbers

I receive loads and loads of e-mails all year long requesting for part numbers. Therefore the most frequently asked part numbers are listed here. Which will save you a lot of time sourcing your parts and myself answering all your e-mails. You can order them @Donkervoort to support the factory, or at your local Ford […]

Wheel alignment data sheet

    All wheel alignment data (except GTO). CAMBER This is the inward or outward angle of the tire when viewed from the front of the Donkervoort. Too much inward or outward tilt, also known as negative and positive camber, respectively, indicates improper alignment and will need to be adjusted. Worn bearings, ball joints, and other […]

Gearbox and differential manuals

Gearbox Check at least once per year the oil level of the T-9 or Borg Warner gearbox oil. Both gearboxes feature a oil level plug. At the T-9, it is also important that the bolts of the transmission case cover are checked. The casing (especially during track use) can get pretty hot. Then the quality […]

Stack Manual

STACK Manual download, click the PDF button to start downloading.  

Belt maintenance and replacement intervals

Timing Belt The timing belt needs to be preventively replaced every five years on Ford and Audi engines. There are a number of suppliers who supply “Heavy use belts”. Even Teflon coated for less resistance. Simultaniously replace the belt tensioner and the water pump for a new one. S8, S8AT and Cosworth engines have less […]

Fluidfilm for your chassis

In our most recent Donkervoort club magazine (Issue 3, Sept ’15), there was a picture of the 2nd Donkervoort ever made, the JD002. Chassis are powder coated from the outside, but can rust from the inside caused by water vapor as a result of temperature differences. This can be prevented by using Fluid Film, which […]

Rubber parts maintenance

Visual inspection of your Donkervoort It is recommended that after each drive (preferably after washing) you inspect the entire car visually for damage or things that stand out immediately. Take your time. Just take 30 minutes to thoroughly inspect your Donkervoort while enjoying a drink. Develop a hawk eye for details that may not be […]

Lightweight flywheel and AP-racing clutch plate ordered

Our GTO will be upgraded soon with a lightweight flywheel and AP-racing clutch plate – 6 kg weight advantage and improved throttle response. This is an official GTO upgrade available from Donkervoort. Total cost 3.816,08 Euro. Top driving comfort Absorbs vibrations coming from the engine Prevents noise Enables comfortable, low-revs driving Relieves crankshaft and gearbox

Wheel spacer 15 Inch Revolution rims

If you are facing problems with disbalance in your front suspension such as vibration, the best option to check (next to proper balancing of course) is if the rims are properly aligned on the center hub. Vibrations in the Revolution rims can be virtually eliminated when a tight aluminum insert with a dimension of exactely […]


When you have to level up or replace the coolant in your cooling system please note the following: Old coolant is blue or green. This is type normally type G11. The newer coolant is pink/ red/ yellow is G12 or G12+ NEVER ever mix or fill up G11 with G12 coolant.

Which LSD is mounted

Leaking window spraying points

The 2 window spraying points of the Donkervoort always leak some fluid, which is then dripping all over your car. You can prevent this by mounting two one-way pressure valves. Many car manufacturers have them in stock.I used these from Volvo. Part# is 30896546

T9/ N gearbox leaks

The Ford T9/ N gearbox leaks a lot. Remove all gaskets and replace after proper degreasing by DIRKO from Elring. Partno. 036.161 70ml. Grey and your worries are over!

Zero free play Uniballs including dust covers

      The new zero free play M8 Uniball mounted. The original M8 Uniballs (brass version as shown here) are replaced with so called zero free play Uniballs including dust covers. The wear due to dust and soft brass material is gone. Now zero free play in the stabilizer bar. The rubber dust cover […]

Modification suspension mounting

Modification to the chassis for harsh racing conditions to prevent the bold braking or bending from the lower front suspension mounting point. Hmmm. Good idea. Should be standard on the D8!

Cycle wing support struds

Duchting has welded additional plates to the cycle wing support struds. This prevends them from cracking when there is a flat sport on the tire due to harsh (mis)braking on the race track. They are now standard on the GTO.

Dump valve replacement

The replacement for the Bosch plastic version. The Splitter is a truly remarkable valve that gives a combination of blow off and recirculation valve operation all at the same time and has been specifically designed for the many turbo engined applications that operate metered airflow management sysyems. This means you get all the noise of […]

Aluminium radiator

The original brass mounted radiator can better be replaced by an aluminium version. More and quite expensive, but it allows your engine to run much cooler and more reliable. Even on Cosworth engines with over 300 HP! The best tip given to me was that the Audi engines require an ALU radiator instead of the […]

Air intake hose

The shape of the original rubber air intake hose changes when the engine is running over 4.000 RPM. This is from 180 HP and up. Proove is on the Forge website. This influences the air/ fuel mixture and enriches the mixture on high revs. To prevent this an aluminium air intake should be mounted. Unfortunately […]

Central wheel hub cover

The new original Donkervoort central wheel hub cover seems to be lost quite frequently during harsh driving conditions. Not being cheap, it is better to prevent them from coming loose. Drill a 2.4 max 2.5 mm hole on the location as shown. Use drill oil. Then cut 3 mm wire inside the hole and mount […]

The upper and lower suspension ball joints

The upper and lower suspension ball joints (which can be the cause of not passing an APK/ MOT test) are now no longer available (not even via the factory). An alternative can be made.