Donkervoort D8 operating manual – fuses

Operation – Overview of the fuses D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge)


The separate switch-leg circuits are fitted with cut-out fuses for safety purposes. The fuses are located under the bonnet on the right hand side (see photo). In order to open the fuse-box, the two tags should be pressed inwards and the lid lifted off.

Replacing a fuse

  • Switch off the relevant circuit.
  • Remove the burnt-out fuse (can be recognised due to the fact that the metal strip has melted) with the plastic clamp.
  • Replace the burnt-out fuse with a new fuse with the same ampere value.
  • If the fuse melts again within a short period of time, the electrical installation should be checked first.

Light brown 5 Amp

Red 10 Amp

Blue 15 Amp

Yellow 20 Amp

Transparent 25 Amp

Green 30 Amp

Fuse layout

1 Alarm indicators, interior lighting, acc.plug 15 A
2 Dashboard meters, De-activation and rear fog lamp 10 A
3 Brake lighting 10 A
4 Reverse light, brake fluid float, speed-sensor and horn 10 A
5 Fuel pump 15 A
6 Booster coils 15 A
7 Carbon filter, air mass meter, lambda sensor 15 A
8 Ignit. module/turbo pressure valve 15 A
9 Full beam headlights 15 A
10 Dimmed headlights 20 A
11 City lights, nightlights dashboard 15 A
12 Cooling fin 15 A
13 Radiator 25 A
14 Accessories plug, ECU voltage 10 A
15 Windscreen wipers and windscreen washers 15 A
16 Indicators 15 A