Timing belt replacement Ford 2.0 SOHC S8, S8A, S8AT, D10

Introduced by Ford in 1970, the Pinto was one of the first production engines to carry the cam on top of the head, driven by a toothed belt. There are two main versions – Cortina / RS2000 and Sierra. The latter was mostly unleaded. The Pinto was manufactured in Cologne. The engine is crossflow type with the carb / EFI injection on the right, exhaust left (when viewed from the front). 

Replacement interval: Preferably every 5 – 6 years, including water pump.

Partnumber Ford OE Aftermarket
Timing belt set – belt and tensioner Gates K015069
Waterpump SKF VKPC 84601

NOTE: check your V-belt drive. It needs to match a hump op the flange of the pomp. Version with power steering – visco clutch

Thermostat housing 6117379
Thermostat 1635905
Thermostat seal 1475932
Thermostat rubber seal 242110
Thermostat retainer 0-242120
Crankshaft front oil seal 1669254



  1. Drain cooling system.
  2. Set the engine to “Top Dead Center” (TDC) by rotating the crankshaft pulley until the timing marker lines up with the “zero” mark on the pulley.
  3. Remove the distributor cap and be sure the rotor is pointed at the number one spark plug wire tower. If it isn’t, rotate the crankshaft using a wrench, one additional turn. This should aim the rotor correctly and align the crankshaft and camshaft marks.
  4. Loosen the alternator adjustment bolts. Remove the belts from the front of the engine.
  5. Remove the pulley.
  6. Loosen the adjustment and pivot bolts for the tensioner wheel. Pry the tensioner away from the pulley and re-tighten the adjustment bolt to hold it away from the belt.
  7. Remove the crankshaft pulley by loosening the large nut in its center. A strap wrench is helpful during this step to keep the engine from turning. Remove the belt guide in back of the crankshaft pulley.
  8. Remove the timing belt.
  9. Remove the water pump and preferably replace by a new one.




  1. Start with the crankshaft pulley and work counterclockwise, threading the new Gates Powergrip belt belt first over the auxiliary shaft pulley, then over the camshaft pulley. Make sure it is centered on the sprockets.
  2. Release the tensioner and re-tighten it the adjustment bolt with the tensioner wheel against the belt from the spring tension.
  3. Remount the crankshaft pulley, and rotate the engine over twice by hand. Make sure the crankshaft and camshaft marks still line up. If they don’t, start again. If they do, re-tighten the tensioner adjustment bolt to 20 – 30Nm. and the pivot bolt to 40 – 55 Nm.
  4. Remount the pulley and alternator and accessory belts and set tension.
  5. Refill coolant system with appropriate coolant fluid.
  6. Start the engine and check the ignition timing.
Special tools   Number   Value
Belt tension meter Ford 21-113 New belt: 10-11

Run in belt: 4-5

Crankshaft timing belt pulley remover Ford 21-028


If you don’t want to read all off the above, just watch this typical UK made video! You do not need to take the engine out of your Donkervoort.