Stone impact protection

The Donkervoort rear wheel covers are manufactured from polyester with a gel coat cover (GTO full carbon). Stones catched by the tyre profile are launched at high speed at the inside of your rear wheel covers. This in many cases pops of the gel coat resulting in annoying paint cracks.

This can be repaired and resprayed easily, but it’s better to prevent it from happening by mounting impact protective material inside your rear wheel covers.

Especially on older cars due to the fact that over the years polyester becomes more fragile.

The material tested by myself (and many fellow club members) is a petrol and water resistant cell rubber from the shoe industry, which is glued inside as shown above using the same Sikaflex glue as used for mounting cycle wings.

It’s also mounted inside my GTO, has limited weight and works just perfectly!

If you would like material for your Donkervoort, just mail me!