Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Steering column controls

Ignition switch


The ignition has three positions:

  1. Ignition/engine off. If the key is removed, the steering wheel can be locked in position.
  2. Ignition activated. The electrical functions in the vehicle will work.
  3. Engine started.

Windscreen-wipers interval switch

 The switch for the windscreen wipers is located on the right side of the steering column. The switch can be placed in different positions, the lower position is neutral in both front and rear position. The front positions upwards are for interval (1) and continuous (2). The rear positions upwards are for interval (1) and again continuous (1 or 2). When the switch is pulled towards the driver, the windscreen washers will be activated, as also the windscreen wipers temporarily.




Direction Indicator/Full beam indicator

Handle upwards: direction indicated right.

Handle downwards: direction indicated left

Handle pushed away from the driver (if the headlights are on): full beam

Handle pulled towards the driver: full beam signal







Under the central steering wheel cover cap the horn is located. Push the center cap to activate the horn.