Clutch pedal modification

Clutch pedal and clutch cable aligner

Old Donkervoorts are for the majority equipped with a clutch pedal without the available modification as shown here with the red line. This causes clutch cables or clutch cable mounting bolts to break.

The factory has a modification available as shown below. Make sure that a mounting bolt is used with a partly smooth surface in 10.8 strength steel. This prevents wear in the clutch cable mounting point. And make sure you carry a spare clutch operating cable in your Donkervoort. Always! The part number is: Remkaflex 56.2310

ClutchmodDonkervoort  JST_0009

The pedal can be found in the pedal box. Check if your car has the modification.

Clutch large  Clutch zoom

Clutch operating cable, Remkaflex 56.2310, replace on inspection

The clutch cable is often cracking due to wrong alignment. It is easy o manufacture an alignment modification as seen below!

12076870_975107959195058_1472675038_n  12165917_975107972528390_1904451903_n

Note: The D8 GTO has an fluid operated system without clutch cable!