Cleaning your suede steering wheel

When driving your Donkervoort frequently without racing gloves, the suede Momo steering wheel is showing greasy stains caused by human moist and grease as always present on our hands. This can be easily removed keeping your steering wheel like new (unless you like the patina). Once a year is sufficient to keep it’s like new condition. 

Remove your Momo steering wheel from the car and soak it for 24 hrs in relatively warm water containing a few splashes of household cleaning vinager. The grease comes to the water surface the next morning.

Clean the steering wheel with cold water and dry off with the aid of a microfiber towel and giving it a good rub. Let the steering wheel air dry for 24 hrs (NO radiator heat). Then brush your steering wheel fibers with the aid of a rubber rubbing block suitable for suede and nubuck. Your steering wheel is now like new.

NOTE: Do NOT use any aggressive fluids or car interior cleaner to clean you steering wheel.