Indicator switch problems

The classic Donkervoorts (until the D8 Audi models) are equipped with an indicator switch, where the indicator lever sometimes just pops out of it’s mounting point. This can be rather annoying. The switch itself is mounted directly behind the dashboard. It’s a switch from a Classic Mini Cooper manufactured by Lucas. The part number is Lucas SQB168. The indicator switch arm has splines on it’s mounting point prevending it from rotating in the switch housing. The original switch arm is straight, but Donkervoort bends it into a 90 degree angle. So, if you purchase a new switch, you have to carefully bend the arm with the aid of a self made bending tool.


When the arm comes out, the best repair method is to clean an degrease both the mounting point and the splined arm, clean with compressed air and then glue with high quality slow bonding (30 minutes or preferably 24 hrs.) epoxy from for instance Mr. Zapp. It can be easily applied using a wooden tooth cleaning stick. Make sure there is no epoxy residue left on the outer surface of the switch.