Donkervoort D8 operating manual – towing

If the vehicle is not fitted with the optional tow-rings, then it is still possible to tow the vehicle by fastening a nylon tow-cable to the bottom triangle of the wheel suspension. Note: Never ever attach a tow-cable to any part of the steering mechanism.


If tow-rings are fitted (see photo’s: the upper and lower photos show the front and rear of the vehicle respectively), then the tow-cable can be attached to one of these. Make sure that the tow-cable is made of an elastic material, so that that the vehicle is not subjected to any intolerable instances of stress.

Note: If there is no oil in the gearbox or the differential, the vehicle may only be towed with the rear wheels raised. Tow-start the vehicle in 2nd or 3rd gear and press the clutch pedal in fully the moment the motor fires in order to prevent the vehicle being tow-started driving into the vehicle doing the towing.