Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Heating

Operation – Overview of the heating & ventilation system D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge)


The vehicle is equipped with a ventilation system which has three levels: off, half-speed and full-speed. This ventilator is operated using the knob on the instrument panel and blows ventilated or heated air into the interior through the ventilation openings mentioned above.

The photo’s above show the vents for heated or ventilated air which are located under the dashboard. On the left hand side, you can see one of the two vents which is located above the tunnel. The photo on the right hand side shows one of the two butterfly valves. The right hand side butterfly valve is located next to the emergency power switch, the left hand valve is located at the same position, but on the left hand side of the tunnel. The valve can be opened by turning the butterfly valve to the left. The direction in which the air is blown can be adjusted by turning the butterfly valve in its casing.

This photo gives an overview of the ventilation openings on the right hand side of the vehicle. The openings on the passengers side are located in the same position. The vertical arrow indicates the location of the vent above the tunnel. The horizontal arrow indicates the position of the butterfly valve. Note: All vents are located in positions which are difficult to reach. Do not, therefore, attempt to adjust these while driving.

Heating system

The heating system is operated using a rotary switch which is positioned under the dashboard and at a level with the passengers seat. This switch can be variably adjusted and the heated or ventilated air is blown into the interior via the tunnel under the instrument panel, two heating vents above the tunnel under the dashboard, two butterfly valves in the foot area and four vents on the top of the dashboard.

When the two heating vents and the butterfly valves are closed, all of the air will be blown onto the windscreen so that this is quickly de-misted. If the switch is turned in the direction of the arrow, the temperature of the air being blown into the interior, will decrease.