Belt maintenance and replacement intervals

Timing Belt

The timing belt needs to be preventively replaced every five years on Ford and Audi engines. There are a number of suppliers who supply “Heavy use belts”. Even Teflon coated for less resistance. Simultaniously replace the belt tensioner and the water pump for a new one. S8, S8AT and Cosworth engines have less belt protection due to the absence of a belt cover.


It is highly recommend to regularly check the belt for damage or wear. When there is any kind of doubt or lack of a maintenance history; replace the belt!

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1.8 20V Manual download, click the PDF button to start downloading. Dutch only! Still working on the translation.


Belt dry sump system

If a dry sump system is installed, the drive belt of the pump must be replaced at least every two years preventively.

Alternator drive belt

Check the belt and the belt tension preferably after every drive. Every two years preventively replace the belt. Please check for the re-tensioning and the condition of the bearings of the alternator pulley by the no-load to turn around and to sense whether there is excessive axial and radial play.