Carbon parts refurbishing

Carbon Fiber components like the scuttle window frame or cycle wings oxidize if they don’t have an automotive clear coat sprayed on them after they are manufactured. If you’re seeing oxidation then that’s a very good sign that it does NOT have a clear coat on it, or that there is water / humidity residue between the carbon and the clear coat. It seems that this occurs more frequently just after the winter time, when the Donkervoorts are exposed to higher (sun) temperatures. How the car is stored during winter time (ventilated and heated) seems to be of influence as well. Sometimes this problem also occurs directly after removing the hood when driving under rainy conditions.

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The good news is oxidation is pretty easy to fix with the right products. Products like SONAX scratch remover will work but it’s not the only thing you need, after using SONAX scratch remover you need to apply a pure polish like Deep Crystal Polish and then a wax to protect your hard work. SONAX scratch remover is only for removing defects.

TIP: remove the window frame mounting screws carefully. This makes working on your window frame a lot easier!

Another option that works really well by machine is to use Speed Glaze, you could also use this by hand. If you do your work by hand then whether you use SONAX scratch remover as your cleaner or Speed Glaze as your cleaner then you really need to do a GREAT job of working the product over and into the surface and only work a small section at a time.

The best way to restore oxidized carbon fiber components is to buff them out using a rotary machine with Polisher.

If all of the above methods do not have any effect, and there is clear coat on your carbon, the best thing to do is to completely sand down the parts using sandpaper 3000 and let the parts de- vaporize and polish using a rotary machine with Polisher or have the parts sprayed semi-gloss or high gloss clear coat.

Product: Sonax 305000, 75ml

Special abrasives remove scratches and blind spots from plastic, rear windows of convertibles, boat and aircraft windows, mobile phone and clock displays, acrylic glass furniture etc.