Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Dashboard

Operation – Overview of the drivers area D8 1999 – 2009 (click images to enlarge)

Functions of the metres, from left to right (click image to enlarge). The recommended values under normal operating conditions are shown in brackets.

  1. Speedometer/Odometer/Trip recorder
  2. RPM indicator (maximum 6500 RPM, Cup Model maximum 7000 RPM)
  3. Turbo pressure meter (maximum 0,5 tot 1,0 bar; depending on the model)
  4. Oil pressure meter (+/- 3 bar)
  5. Oil temperature meter (800 C – 1200C)
  6. Coolant temperature meter (900 C – 1050C)
  7. Fuel indicator meter
  1. Indicator full-beam
  2. Direction indicators
  3. Warning indicator oil pressure
  4. Warning indicator brake fluid level
  5. Warning indicator charging current
  1. Warning light de-activation
  2. Key related engine block system (Wegfahrsperre)
  3. Engine management
  4. Lambda probe

  1. Headlights (three levels: off, city light and dimmed)
  2. Ventilator (heating/ventilation, two speeds)
  3. Interior lighting
  4. Rear fog light (only works when headlights are dimmed)
  5. Alarm lights

When the headlights are on, all switches will be illuminated, the light bulbs in the switches 4 and 5 will be illuminated more brightly at the moment they are operated.

  I receive many questions regarding dash switches renewal and what type of rocker switches are used. The manufacturer is Trillogy. The current switches can be refurbished sometimes using plastic recovering fluid. When that does not help, you can replace the for brand new ones for around 15 Euro’s each. This will give your car a much more TLC-look.

These Illuminated Rocker Switches from Trillogy are manufactured to imitate OEM style dashboard switches. They feature illuminated rockers and are ideally suited to the classic or kit car builder.

Switches have a current rating of 16 amps and will require 21x30mm cutouts.

The main terminals on the Trillogy Illuminated rocker switches are a round post type. For ease of wiring, a suitable terminal block is available separately, see (have you also considered) section.

They can be ordered for instance via Demon Tweeks in the UK here.