Donkervoort D8 GTO-S

The GTO-S (Sport) greatly resembles its predecessor – the D8 GTO. However, the focus with the ‘S’ – in addition to the breathtaking performance – is on even more comfort and ease of use. A true Donkervoort, thus, but further optimised for street use. Perfect for longer tours, weekend getaways and holidays, yet still offering the ultimate sports car experience. More comfort, without compromise

The D8 GTO-S is a true Donkervoort, for the ultimate driving experience on the most beautiful roads throughout Europe and beyond!


The knowledge and skill in working with carbon fibre are once again demonstrated with the unique invention of a one-piece door (including the integrated hinges) that can withstand a lateral impact of around 1500 kg, with hinges that can handle a force of over 1100 kg. And the icing on the cake? The total weight of the door beam with hinges is just 980 grams! Technical innovations that set Donkervoort apart.


For many, a roofless Donkervoort is the ultimate Donkervoort. Open driving, with the wind in your hair, the sun at your back and the open road ahead. But sometimes a roof is not merely a luxury.

Weather conditions or parking the car safely can make it essential. The lightweight fabric roof, with colour to match the upper doors, is a snap to close and stores compactly in the boot of the GTO-S.


Despite the added comfort, obtained through modifications such as specially developed comfort-shock absorbers, the GTO-S is a thoroughbred sports car. The Donkervoort craftsmanship is unmistakable in the hand-built hybrid chassis and the lightweight carbon fibre bodywork that is produced in-house.

Combined with the Audi 2.5L R5 TFSI engine that boasts 340 or 360 bhp, the result is the unique horsepower-to-weight ratio for which Donkervoort is known.


The combination of the tubular steel frame and large carbon composite panels – also called a hybrid chassis – has resulted in a unique combination of significantly increased stiffness and ultra-light weight. The body is also made entirely of carbon fibre.

Thanks to the use of this ultra-strong, ultra-light material, the total weight of the GTO-S remains below 740 kg!


The D8 GTO is fitted with an Audi engine, thanks to close cooperation between Donkervoort and Audi AG (Audi Sport GmbH) that stretches back to 1996. But the GTO doesn’t have just any Audi engine: an ultra-high-performance sports car only earns that badge if it also has an ultra-high-performance engine. The Audi 2.5L R5 TFSI engine has a very rich history, both on and off the track, and in the GTO-S produces 340 or 360 bhp.


No automatic gear shifting, no automatic gearbox, no shift paddles. You shift – manually. Pure, genuine driving. The gearbox of the GTO-S has five gears, which are operated with the compact gear lever on the centre tunnel console.


Donkervoort builds cars to accommodate the specific taste and desires of the driver. We are able to offer a wide variety of custom modifications.

You can choose the colour of the body and the interior. Would you prefer leather or perhaps alcantara? Want a carbon fibre dashboard or is leather more to your taste? Tall or short and want a car that’s made to measure? It’s our pleasure to make your car a perfect fit. A customised holder for your navigation system or mobile phone? The possibilities for perfectly tailoring the car to your wishes and personality are endless: Your own, unique Donkervoort.

Our mission: to make something that is already special even more unique.
Your perfect Donkervoort.