My father died at the beginning of last year. He has expressed himself much too late in the period before that he had spent his entire life dreaming about buying a Porsche. When he was still physically able to hoist himself into a car the year before, I arranged a Porsche GT-3 press car for a day. Driving at an illegal speed he said “Hit the throttle man, what a disappointment. Have I dreamed about this all my life? “After 1.5 hours we were already back to hand in the key. “I also want a spin in that Donkervoort device of yours”. The smile on his face became bigger and bigger while driving. This is what I should have been dreaming of. Now I get that Donkervoort fetish of you …. This is how a sports car should be. That’s why I had to take this picture. As a precious memory. I could not drive a Donkervoort for at least 6 months last year. The Donkervoort feeling is back. So do not postpone dreams. Make them come true. In time!