Dutch Autovisie Car Journalist Sjoerd van Bilsen about the Donkervoort D10

The D10 was probably one of Donkervoort’s most extravagant creations. In 1988, the factory had been in existence for ten years and to mark the occasion in style, the D10 was introduced at the Paris Auto Show. It had to be a car that showed in a single glance everything Donkervoort stood for. And it succeeded. The D10 was extreme in every aspect. The lack of windscreen gave the driver the sensation that a Formula 1 driver was supposed to feel. A matching helmet provided the only protection against flying objects and insects. Symbolically for the name, only 10 D10 cars were built. To underpin the sporty performance of the D10, in 1989, on a closed-off section of the motorway, it broke the world acceleration record for production cars: from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.85 seconds.