Joop Donkervoort gives a personal insight into his inspiration

This video, made for the 40th Anniversary of Donkervoort Automobielen, tells the story of what lead to the foundation of the company. Joop Donkervoort gives a very personal insight into his inspiration, from the Rolling Stones to Colin Chapman.

What happens when racing enthusiasm meets strong financially-backed determination? Donkervoort. Offspring of Dutch racing driver Joop Donkervoort, the exclusive Lotus 7-inspired car manufacturer has recently turned 30. Founded in 1978 as a result of Joops’ desire to build his own sports car, both the brand and the cars have become a symbol of freedom, driving tenacity and pure road enjoyment. Started from Joop’s small family home in Tienhoven, Donkervoort’s have earned a reputation for their blend of retromodern looks and surprising power and handling. Although strongly based on the Lotus 7, a car that started a new era in the 50’s, Donkervoorts are far from being bland clones or body-kits as it often mistaken. Having kept the Lotus-7 overall appearance tup to this day, Donkervoorts are embodiments of  cutting edge engineering and subtle style elements. Lightweight rugged construction, a low center of gravity and a mid-placed engines have granted these Dutch cars personality.