Launch D8 GTO 40th anniversary edition

Donkervoort has launched it’s latest creation. The Donkervoort D8 GTO 40th anniversary. Wow. Just wow! Lot’s of new technologies. A 20% lower unsprung mass, full carbon rims, improved air flow and downforce. The crowning glory of Donkervoort’s 40-year track record is the introduction of this exclusive jubilee model: the D8 GTO-40. The D8 GTO-40 marks the pinnacle of Donkervoort’s evolution. The ultimate supercar giving the purest driving experience and an harmonious connection between car and driver.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-40

The lightest GTO ever

Lightweight. This has been the most important of Donkervoort’s core values for 40 years now. A variety of innovations have enabled significant weight savings to be made in the design of the D8 GTO-40. Making this the lightest GTO ever. To this end Donkervoort developed its patented carbon-fibre EX-CORE® technology in-house, which ensures that components are even lighter and yet more robust. This technology is so innovative that it was nominated for the European Union Innovation Grant for High-tech Materials recently. EX-CORE® is extensively used in the D8 GTO-40. Thanks to a collaborative effort with the R&D department of the renowned steel producer Tata Steel, the basis of the D8 GTO-40 – its steel tubular chassis – has been made even stronger. Torsional rigidity has been increased by at least 15%, despite the overall weight of the chassis having been reduced even further. Combined with the EX-CORE® body parts, the upshot is unrivaled safety and torsional rigidity. Ultimately meaning that the D8 GTO-40 is at least 22 kg* lighter compared to the 2011 D8 GTO.

  • Weight: 678kg
  • Acceleration: 7,7seconds0-200km/h
  • Lap time: -1,2seconds relative to the D8 GTO-RS

The fastest GTO ever
In terms of design, the focus for the D8 GTO-40 was on enhancing downforce and aerodynamic balance. This is evident in the striking design as well as in the details of the aerodynamic elements. From the integrated front spoilers to the diffuser on the rear. Extra cooling for the power train, rear wheels and brakes has been achieved by means of the extra air ducts in the nose, rear mudguards and bumper.

The most versatile GTO ever
Aside from all the technical and optical innovations, the D8 GTO-40 is above all a versatile Donkervoort. As well as being pure and fast, it’s also ideal for touring in comfort. To this end, the driver can select from a wide range of options. Varying from a lightweight air conditioning system – an entirely new option in a Donkervoort – to a brand-new titanium exhaust and exhaust system giving the driver the option of switching between a racier or more comfortable sound. Another first is the unique, 100% carbon-fibre rims. Each and every feature personal and bespoke, yet never making sacrifices in terms of the top performance and ultimate driving experience for which Donkervoort has been renowned for 40 years now.

Limited edition
The D8 GTO-40 starts from € 159,600 excluding taxes and is limited to a symbolic 40 cars. More than half of these were already sold during the presale that started earlier this year.

Launch for customers & Donkervoort friends at the VIP evening on the 11th of May