New: Donkervoort valuation service

A valuation by an official car-expert is usually made by demand of the owner or insurer of a motor vehicle. When making a valuation report the car expert makes a thorough visual survey of the vehicle, the legal documents and all documentation provided by the owner regarding the history, services, repairs, and if applicable restoration of the car.If possible the car will be put on a car lift and a test drive is made. Based on all information and the market situation at that moment the expert will define the actual value of the car. It is clear that the value of a Donkervoort is subject to fluctuations.Therefore it is advised to revaluate a valuation every 2 or 3 years, depending on the rules of the insurance company. The main reasons why a valuation is necessary are:
  • Guideline for value in case of an eventual future damage or total loss of the Donkervoort
  • For an all risk insurance
  • Contra expertise

In all of these cases it is necessary for parties involved to have a correct valuation. This can best be done by an official expert with the necessary experience and focus on the Donkervoort brand. So to start with we offer these services in the Dutch market. Mail us for a quote or options for an appointment.