Bernhard van Oranje meets Donkervoort GTO-RS

Circuit Park Zandvoort is (since 1948) the best known and only race track in the Netherlands. Each year, the park attracts an average of 500,000 visitors, during one of the nearly 30 public events or during one of the 300normal racing days. After a period of 27 year, CircuitPark Zandvoort has since February 2016 a new owner: ‘Chapman Andretti partners’, founded by Menno de Jong and his Royal Highness Bernhard van Oranje. Circuit Park Zandvoort wants to revitalize the brand and the F&B facilities. Investments will be made to ensure that every day is a reason to come to the track.

Dutch CARROS Magazine did a photoshoot and meetup between Bernard van Oranje and Denis Donkervoort with the GTO-RS. Here are the pictures. Credits to CARROS Magazine.