D8 GTO RS upgrades for GTO all models

RS upgrade options for the regular GTO models. Donkervoort Automobielen B.V. now offers a series of upgrades for previous GTO models. All upgrades are now introduced on the current RS models. Donkiespeed was the first to upgrade the GTO Premium in 2016 with various of these available upgrades.

Heating command






This upgrade allows you to access the heating command more easily. The heating command is now placed next to the key slot*. Price: € 250,00 excl. VAT *Placing the heating command at this place implies removing the USB/12V slot in the front.

New interior finish

The interior of the RS has been completely upgraded. The gearbox tunnel cover has changed and now has a sleeker design and stitches on the edges. The triangle side panel covers also received a sleeker design and now integrate coloured stitches. In order to make long trips more convenient it is now possible to fit your GTO with door pads that protect your elbow from the vibrations of the car. These interior updates will refresh the interior of your GTO and make it feel new and more comfortable.


Prices: Option 1: Door pads: € 495,00 excl. VAT Option 2: Tunnel flap + side panels: € 1.400,00 excl. VAT Option 3: Tunnel flap + side panels + Door pads: € 1.650,00 excl. VAT

Wind package






The wind package upgrade significantly diminishes the wind that flows into the cabin of the GTO. This upgrade reduces the wind noise in the car and makes longer trips more convenient. This upgrade is also ideal for taller GTO owners. The wind Package can be painted in the colour of the car or can be installed with the sight carbon finish. Price: € 775,00 excl. VAT

Note: this upgrade was fitted on our car in 2016 due to the fact that the regular design caused rain to wet our pants enormously compared to our previous D8 270 Sport. To my humble opinion this is a design issue and should not be invoiced!

New GTO poncho

The new poncho is made of a thicker and stronger material. This new poncho is now tighter and fits perfectly with the sleek design of the GTO. It is ideal for short stops and for outdoor parking as it allows making the car safe and weather-proof within a very short installation time. Price: € 570,00 excl. VAT.


Larger steering wheel & new commands






The larger steering wheel makes manoeuvres easier without compromising the feedback the driver gets from the direction. The new commands have a sleek design and an extra rolling command.

The steering wheel and the commands can be installed independently on your GTO. Prices: Steering wheel (black suede with black stiches): € 520,00 excl. VAT Commands: € 885,00 excl. VAT Combined: € 1.205,00 excl. VAT Custom steering wheel in Alcantara or Leather: + € 300,00 excl. VAT

MXL2 and MXS displays

The MXL2 and MXS displays open a lot of possibilities for both track and road use. These new displays both have an integrated GPS module and an internal accelerometer and gyro that allow you to keep track of the evolution of your performance in real time.

The data can be extracted from the system directly through the built in Wi-Fi connection on both the MXL2 and MXS displays. The MXS display goes further and proposes a high contrast TFT colour display. Prices: MXL2: € 3.050,00 excl. VAT* Combined price complete steering wheel and display**: MXL2: € 4.150,00 excl. VAT MXS: € 3.250,00 excl. VAT* MXS: € 4.450,00 excl. VAT * The price includes the replacement of your current display and the replacement of the carbon insert for the display. ** Changing the display implies changing the commands on the steering wheel

6 Kg flywheel & racing clutch






With this update the engine reaction to the throttle command is even quicker and in combination with a race clutch it makes the engine even more alive. This weight saving allows the Audi 2,5 TFSI engine to achieve a stunning performance even more easily. (Your current flywheel weights +/- 12kg) Price: € 3.620,00 excl. VAT

Note: We have the new flywheel fitted including an AP racing clutch. The acceleration is incredible, but drive line noise has increased significantly causing a rattle in the gearbox. Donkervoort is still looking into this problem!

RS drive shafts




Lighter and stronger! These balanced turned driveshafts are a must-have for the GTO drivers who can be often found driving on track. Built with the highest quality components from motorsport, these driveshafts insure a play-free and vibration-free rear axle at all speeds. The axles are tested for endurance use and guarantee a lot of problem-free kilometres on track. Price: € 4.560,00 excl. VAT

Differential cooling system

During long and frequent track driving it is possible that the temperature of the differential rises. In order to limit the wear of the differential, Donkervoort developed a differential cooling system. A thermostat automatically starts the pump that has the oil circulate through the extra oil radiator when the differential gets too hot. The pump can also be switched on and off by hand. Price: € 2.640,00 excl. VAT Combined price driveshafts + differential cooling system: € 6.950,00 excl. VAT (To install the cooling system the driveshafts need to be disassembled)

Update traction and launch control system, including double clutch feature

Your current Traction Control system is based on four independent wheel speeds with 10 measure points per rotation. We chose for a revised version of the Donkervoort flange system, the new traction control system now bases on 48 trigger points per rotation. Thanks to this update the new traction control system is more precise, more effi cient and the steps between the different positions of the button on the dashboard are more noticeable. This update naturally brings both better performance (in all conditions) and more safety. Thanks to the increased number of measure points, the system can now automatically and at all time provide the exact amount of gas needed to achieve a perfect double clutching while downshifting. This feature brings additional fl exibility when entering a corner and saves the drivetrain from an eventual locking caused by a too sudden release of the clutch pedal. (The system can naturally be switched on and off) Price: € 5.360,00 excl. VAT

ABS Motorsport system from Bosch

Developed for motorsport by motorsport specialists! This (race) ABS brake system is a lightweight independent addition that can be fi tted on all existing D8 GTO brake systems.






The ABS system is adjustable on 12 positions (timing, frequency) including an off position. The driver can switch between the different configurations via a button on the dashboard. (This system is not officially homologated for road use and can thus only be used on track) Price: € 15.900,00 excl. VAT Combined price ABS + Traction Control update: € 20.000,00 excl. VAT (The ABS system also requires the 48 measure points system)