Donkervoort unveils 40-year anniversary logo

A symbol of 40 years of Donkervoort history and a nod to the future… Tienhoven, 1978. Joop Donkervoort, 28 years old, starts the engine of the S7, the very first car to bear his name. Feelings of tension, anticipation, enthusiasm and perhaps a little fear are palpable. The roaring engine symbolises the act of taking a gamble to make achievable a dream shared by many. An important moment that heralded in the introduction of Donkervoort Automobielen; born out of a long-cherished childhood dream of creating the purest and most perfect sports car. Brave. But also stubborn and perfectionistic. Because this is also what characterises Joop Donkervoort.

Against the tide

Ever since, Donkervoort has been going against the tide as a pioneer in a crowded sector; the search for perfection never ends. This was certainly not without a struggle, and went hand-in-hand with moments in which moving forward and perseverance was the motto. With a firm faith and trust in the car and always fighting to achieve what was once just a dream. Supported by the enthusiasm of Donkervoort drivers and the tireless efforts of the team, which welcomed the second generation of Donkervoorts some 10 years ago. As a David in a world of Goliaths, it has grown over time to become a synonym for lightweight, top performance and craftsmanship. This allowed Donkervoort to claim and retain their rightful place in the international supercar industry.

On Saturday 12 May 2018, Donkervoort will be celebrating its 40-year anniversary; a milestone to be proud of and to be celebrated. To look back on 40 years of history and also give an insight into the future of Donkervoort. A look back and an introduction.

To mark the joyous occasion of the 40-year Anniversary, Donkervoort is unveiling a specially designed jubilee logo as a first glimpse. A symbol of 40 years of Donkervoort history and a nod to the future…