First Donkervoort D8 GTO-S delivered

Early this year Donkervoort announced its product range for 2016, consisting of the D8 GTO-S, the D8 GTO-RS and the D8 GTO-R. The first important milestone for this new product range was reached last week: the very first Dutch registred D8 GTO-S – the ultimate Donkervoort for the street – left the Donkervoort factory in the Netherlands on Friday the 8th of April.

Donkervoort D8 GTO-S | The ultimate Donkervoort for the street
The GTO-S (Sport) greatly resembles its older brother, the D8 GTO. However, the focus with the ‘S’ – in addition to the breathtaking performance – is on even more comfort and ease of use. A true Donkervoort, thus, but further optimised for street use. Perfect for longer tours, weekend getaways and holidays, yet still offering the ultimate sports car experience.

Despite the added comfort, obtained through modifications such as specially developed comfort-shock absorbers, the GTO-S is a thoroughbred sports car. The Donkervoort craftsmanship is unmistakable in the hand-built hybrid chassis and the lightweight carbon fibre bodywork that is produced in-house. Combined with the Audi 2.5L R5 TFSI engine that boasts 340 or 360 hp, the result is the unique horsepower-to-weight ratio for which Donkervoort is known.

The new, more refined interior of the GTO-S, finished with the highest quality leather, was further developed around the driver. A perfect driving position, an additional armrest, a clear dashboard, yet with the same ‘no compromise’ design uncluttered with unnecessary luxury. The -S also features a spacious luggage compartment. A made-to-fit Donkervoort luggage set, optionally matching the interior colour, makes the most of the 240-litre boot space.

In short, the D8 GTO-S is a true Donkervoort, for the ultimate driving experience on the most beautiful roads throughout Europe and beyond!

The D8 GTO-S has a starting price of €115,173 excl. taxes.