Issue auxiliary cooler just breaking off the body resolved

As mentioned here before, my GTO auxiliary coolers just came off the body for no reasons. Which is more than annoying. It needed a proper fix, but more important, I needed to find the cause first.

You just don’t want this to happen. I found out that the coolant hose was 4,5 cm too long, causing really enormous pre-tension pointed outwards. So the firm silicone coolant hose forces (together with engine vibrations) caused the Sikaflex glue to brake, and worked the auxiliary cooler off the body. I shortened the hose, properly cleaned and degreased the cooler, and re-glued it firmly again myself using black Sikaflex 552 AT glue. A firm professional glue used by Donkervoort to mount the cycle wings.

In addition I found out that there was a similar problem with the oil cooler on the other side of the body. If you spent such an amount on a car, this should not happen.

Ready to hit the road again!