The one and only Donkervoort in the USA

Rather unique that there is now one Donkervoort registration in the USA. The owner Warren searched for 8 years to find his dream Donkervoort on eBay. The 1986 Donkervoort is far from original, but the restoration is executed with lot’s of attention to detail and craftsmanship. The car was imported by taking it apart and import it as used car parts into the USA. Remarkable option. What truely worries me is the number of Donkervoort enthousiasts with are actually left on there own, not receiving any help or cooperation from the factory. Enthusiasts around the globe are your brand ambassadors.


The car’s Owner is Warren Alvold, and his Restorer of the car is Tony Arme. Warren shares how he had the 1st Donkervoort S7 Super 7 in the USA, and had to disassemble the car to bring it into the United States and reassemble it. He then sold the car and always wanted another one and looked for many years before finding this one on eBay. He brought the car to Tony Arme to restore and we all get to enjoy the car today. If you’re looking for fabrication and mechanical work for your car you can contact American Legends Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. They are located at 21601 N 21st Ave, Suite 2 Phoenix, AZ 85027. Or go to the website at or call 1-623-213-7288