Our D8 GTO 2016 model upgrade

I finally decided that it is to early to purchase the 2016 GTO-RS model.

Therefore I decided that a longlist of 2015 and 2016 upgrades will be mounted by the Donkervoort factory, and that we will keep the current GTO for now.

DSC00151  Propshaftcover

  • Light weight flywheel and AP racing clutch
  • New Bilster Berg ARC shock absorbers
  • NEW MXS digital TFT high contrast dash display with GPS and bluetooth
  • New window spoiler
  • New 2016 model propshaft upholstery and side paddings
  • Larger brake master cilinder
  • Magnetic brake caliper pistons

The Donk is almost ready to hit the road again!

IMG_5333 kopie  IMG_5336 kopie

IMG_5335 kopie  IMG_5334 kopie

The INTRAX ARC shock absorbers have been modified to the Bilsterberg version by the INTRAX factory. Here’s a detailed insight @ the INTRAX factory.

Intrax 1  Intrax 2

Intrax 3  Intrax 4

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