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Castrol Racing 10W-60 yes or no for Audi 1.8T 20V engines?

I come across many 1.8T 20V engines (AGU and E-gas) with a lubricant advise sticker mounted on the left side of the pedal box, stating that Castrol Racing 10W-60 should be used. This engine oil was developed specifically for the BMW M-models. I know Donkervoort has used this engine oil during the 24 hrs. of […]

Location chassis number all Donkervoort models

Over the last couple of months I received various e-mails and phone calls where the chassis (VIN -Vehicle Identification Number) number of a Donkervoort is located. The main reason for this is the regular MOT / APK check. Location: all Donkervoort models except GTO: rear end, right hand side, under the tonneau cover, directly under […]

Jack up points Donkervoort all models except GTO

If it is required to jack up your Donkervoort for service purposes, it is good to know what are the best jack up points. Keep away your jack from the red marked area’s! The aluminium parts covering the chassis can be easily damaged when the proper jack up points are not used. The aluminum sheets […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Removing the bonnet

In order to remove the bonnet, the four clips on the outside of the vehicle must be loosened. Once this has been done, the entire bonnet can be removed. Lower the bonnet gently to the ground to avoid damage. Replacing the bonnet is done by performing the above actions in reverse order. Note: For your safety, […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Hood – Tonneau cover – doors

Attaching the hood to the vehicle All of the parts (the hood and the coupling set) can be stored in the area behind the seats, which can then be covered with the optional tonneau cover. This cover can be attached to the vehicle using the press-studs.     Once the protective cover has been removed, […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Brake bias

Brake bias If the vehicle is equipped with this system, the knob located underneath the dashboard (see photo) can be used to adjust the braking power between the front and rear wheels. This means that the brakes can be adjusted so that the vehicle will brake harder either on the front wheels or rear wheels. […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Adjusting the seats

   It is possible to adjust only the drivers seat. Under the seat in the middle, there is a handle. If this is pulled upwards, the stool can be adjusted backwards or forwards. It is not possible to adjust the back of the seat. When the car is equipped with an optional Corbeau FAI approved […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Steering column controls

Ignition switch     The ignition has three positions: Ignition/engine off. If the key is removed, the steering wheel can be locked in position. Ignition activated. The electrical functions in the vehicle will work. Engine started. Windscreen-wipers interval switch  The switch for the windscreen wipers is located on the right side of the steering column. The switch […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Fuel cap

Refueling The fuel cap is located on the rear right wing of the vehicle, and can be opened and locked using the key delivered for this purpose. Once the small flap has been opened, the fuel cap can be unlocked using the key. If the fuel cap is turned to the left, it can be […]

Donkervoort D8 operating manual – Windscreen washers

Windscreen washers The tank for the windscreen washer fluid is located on the left hand side of the engine bay, see also the overview photo of the engine bay. Always used specialised fluid, diluted with water, to fill this tank. Under no circumstances should you use water alone, as use of water alone in the […]